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Is this really about abortion?

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Jul. 2nd, 2014 | 02:08 am
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Well everyone else is putting in their two cents about the Hobby Lobby case, so I guess I will too.

First, I'm all for an individual's religious freedom; I am a spiritual person myself. However, what may be slightly inconvenient for some beliefs is that scientific facts exist whether one chooses to "believe" them or not (paraphrased from Neil deGrasse Tyson ;p). The truth is Plan B and the copper IUD are both forms of emergency contraception and are not listed as abortifacients by the FDA for a reason: they have a significantly different purpose than the well-known abortion drug RU-486. Plan B works by preventing ovulation (and making a more "hostile" environment for sperm) through hormone chemistry, just like the regular birth control pill. The reason it is an "emergency" pill though is because it just has a higher dose of hormones than the normal pill to effectively stop ovulation in time if a woman thinks she has a good chance of being fertile very soon or currently. There is no *definitive* proof that Plan B prevents implantation (which by the way, if it can possibly prevent implantation of an egg, then so can the normal birth controll pill when taken properly), though it has been definitively shown not to disrupt an already established pregnancy.

I never understood the popularity of IUD; I know so many women who opt for them instead of dozens of other methods. I'm almost positive at least half, if not most, would not appreciate being shamed and accused of harboring an abortion-inducing device in their bodies, thus being crudely judged through insinuation by crazy social conservatives as potential murderers. That's quite terribly insulting honestly and downright ignorant, since so many people obviously fail at basic chemistry. Bah... by the way, IUDs in general make me cringe when I think about the nature of their usage. No thanks, I'll never let a piece of plastic live inside my cuterus for up to 5 years. Just thinking about the side effects and potential hazards makes me cramp. rofl -shudder-.
I was on the Ortho Evra Patch for a couple years, and it was so expensive. The cost of the patch in the USA is three times the price of the same prescription in Canada. That's absolutely disgusting American pharmaceutical companies can rob people in such a way. So paying for it out of pocket because of no insurance coverage is not as easy when the minimum wage problem in our country is a major issue. If anti-abortion advocates truly are concerned about reducing the rate of abortions, they'd realize that contraception is key to reducing abortions overall. Logic is hard though...right?

With all this being said, I would be extremely likely to sympathize with Hobby Lobby if they were actually sincere about claiming religious freedoms violation. Definitely not believing that argument for a second, but it is what it is (now). I still just really want to know: why bother beating around the bush though? It's a for-profit corporation ffs, just own up to that! In my opinion, it's much less honorable to hide behind religion when we all know this is about profits and not their beliefs. If it was truly sincere, why not be more careful in other areas of their business, like investments and where their goods are made. In fact, the only countries where RU-486 is available as contraception and not only for abortion are China, Russia, Armenia and Vietnam (and where do most of Hobby Lobby's wares come from? China, where they are often forced into the abortion pill). If Hobby Lobby makes these changes, I'd probably redact this part of my argument, but I doubt they care at this point. And why would they? They already have exactly what they want. Good for them; I'm not going to waste energy hating them or anything. Despite this setback, they definitely treat their employees well as far as I know (paying above minimum wage and supporting other contraception), but in no way do they have innocent "good guy Greg" intentions either, clearly. I don't really blame them for what they did, but for using religion and ignorance regarding ECPs to do it.

All this aside, I hate to even bring this up, but no case this year is going to even come close to stinging worse than Citizens United. I will say I'm interested in seeing what else can be a SCOTUS-verified religious freedom violation in the future.

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