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Writer's Block: Vote early, vote often

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 | 04:44 pm
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Do you vote for a candidate based on issues or do you do you follow the party line, and why?

This question is not as straightforward to answer as it seems. For the most part, I always vote based on what the candidate stands for (they have to be likable and well-spoken too). 

However, this country's government is designed to always be a two-party system. From my perspective based on government and politics classes I've taken, third parties in the United States' system of government are useless. Occasionally, independents do get elected. But you know what they do when they are in office? They have to work with either the democrats or republicans to get things done because there are very few of them (if not the only one). I wish that third parties could be effective, I really do. This aspect is why I like Parliament system of governments better (tho I do realize that system has its flaws as well). I am registered democrat only so I can vote in primaries; this aspect does not mean I am democrat myself. Why register independent, even if I call myself one? It's better to be able to have an influence in one of the major party's primaries, one way or the other. I have a tendency to have socially liberal leaning views, but I've never staunchly voted along a certain party's lines.

Anyways, today's voting experience was slightly interesting.. hehe, to say the least! Politics in this country has had me so disillusioned lately. There are no legit options for FL senate; if it were not for the governor race, would I have even voted this election? Two+ years ago I would have never, ever considered not voting, no matter what happened. It's just crazy to think I've actually reached this point of cynicism that I have. At the precinct today the lady at the ballot box totally looked at my ballot when I was putting it in the machine.. wtf. And I do not mean just like glanced at it; she stared at it! For two races, seriously, only tea party and republican candidates were listed. I knew about both republicans, and they are too radical for me; so as if I was actually going to chose between tea party and radical republican.. so I voted for myself as a write-in candidate ^.^ LOL.

I really hope Alex Sink wins tonight for Florida governor.. and Rod Smith as Lt. Governor? How can you get much better than that? Other than the fact that I cannot stand what Rick Scott believes in and himself as a person, I really do not want another creeper (looking) governor in office.. but either way, I won't be living in Florida much longer to care.

Enough about that..

After I voted, I went to Starbux, just because, no real reason other than that, ha! As if anyone needs one :P. I saw Dr. Prewitt there! My Anthropology of the Bible professor, btw. He is so awesome; funny, intelligent, and just a great person all around. I really enjoy his classes, along with Dr. Philen's (another anthropology professor at UWF); I also took a linguistics course with Dr. Prewitt last semester. We've been doing a mock Jesus seminar in his class, and it's really interesting to see how it plays out with varying points of view, especially in a class at a university located in the South. 

It's also been raining like crazy today... And I've had so much work to do :( . Maybe I'll post again later. 

P.S. Yesterday, I got a super nasty virus on my computer that calls itself Microsoft Think Point (it is NOT microsoft) and it disguises itself like an antivirus program. It tries to tell you to buy it so it can remove dangerous stuff from your computer (tries to emphasize/convince you that you already have a deadly virus, which you do, but IT is the virus!). You can kinda tell its a virus, it just looks suspicious and the language is sort of unprofessional sounding. But it basically does not let you do anything to or on your computer, and it is really annoying to fix. Thankfully Justin is so awesome and can fix anything ^.~ Be careful b/c the virus is brand new, only a week old, and it hijacks your computer for the most part.

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